We appreciate you for choosing Alps hospitals and diagnostics as your first fertility visit’s partner. In terms of your care and available treatments, it is our primary objective for you to feel confident and assured. We take pleasure in being transparent and forthright in our responses to your medical and financial inquiries because we want you to be an active contributor in your fertility treatment plan.

To make sure that your first visit is as stress-free as possible, our team will walk you through the procedure of becoming a new patient before your first fertility appointment. To save you time on the day of your appointment, our hospital files are accessible both online and may be manually registered on the day of your visit. You can reach out to our office personnel as well.

What to expect at your first fertility visit

  • At your first fertility visit, you will have a consultation with one of our certified fertility specialists to develop a personalized treatment plan. Your fertility plan will be designed to fit your needs and goals. It will also maximize your chances of having a successful pregnancy.
  • You will also meet with your fertility nurse who will ensure that you understand your treatment plan. She will help you schedule future testing and appointments and answer any questions you might encounter along the way.
  • At your first fertility appointment, you will discover that the expertise and experience of our fertility centre specialist and staff make all the difference in your care. Our team takes into account the physical and emotional aspects of fertility treatment, providing a wealth of resources to help you on your fertility journey.

Alps hospitals and Diagnostics provides a world-class health care in hospitality

The physicians and staff at Alps hospitals and diagnostics can help evaluate, diagnose and treat infertility patients. Our fertility specialists also treat patients who live outside of our immediate location, including international patients.

Contact us to schedule your first fertility visit with one of our experienced fertility specialists. At Alps hospitals and diagnostics, we are dedicated to providing world-class care and helping you build the family of your dreams.