Alps Hospital and Diagnostics has a well-staffed and equipped pediatric Unit where quality care and services are given to all children who pass through our doors.
The unit has Consultant Pediatricians managing both Neonatology and General paediatrics’ and is supported by several highly trained and skilled doctors, nurses and other support staff to provide optimal care to our patients.

Special Care Baby Unit/Neonatology

The special care baby unit (SCBU) at Alps Hospitals and Diagnostics is a sub-speciality of paediatrics’ that focuses on the medical needs of newborn babies. The SCBU is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, to care for premature babies and newborns with complex medical problems.

It also provides mothers with the opportunity to breastfeed and bond with their babies.
The team at the SCBU goes on to provide follow-up care, for newborns at the newborn clinic, which runs 24/7.

Our Pediatrics and Neonatal care services include

  • Newborn clinic
  • Special care baby unit/Neonatology
  • Newborn Intensive care
  • High Tech Newborn incubators
  • Newborn ventilation
  • Pre-term baby care
  • Special care Nurseries
  • Advance Neonatal Monitors

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