Operation Theatre: Photos of the Operation Theatre and equipment

At Alps Hospitals, we maintain two distinct operating theaters, each dedicated to specific specialties, to optimize convenience and efficiency for surgical teams. These theaters are equipped with the latest medical technology and adhere to stringent aseptic standards.

Alps’ OT facilities offer a comprehensive range of equipment and features, including:

– Air cooling capability to maintain a desired temperature.

– Automatic regulation of humidity and pressure for asepsis.

– Suspension systems for surgical equipment, facilitating easy handling while minimizing the risk of bacterial accumulation.

– Motorized theater beds for patient comfort and positioning.

– Vertically streamlined airflow conditioning to maintain a sterile environment.

– Carefully selected, high-quality theater lights with uniform focal length for precise illumination.

Additionally, we provide sophisticated anesthesia systems that not only regulate the supply of gases but also monitor vital parameters, including heart rate, to ensure patient safety throughout procedures.

Our modern operating theater is well-equipped with essential equipment, functioning around the clock. This includes:

– High-definition Laparoscopes and Hysteroscopes for minimally invasive procedures.

– Boyle’s Apparatus for anesthesia delivery.

– Vital Monitors to track patient health.

– Pulse Oximeters for oxygen saturation measurement.

– ECG Monitors for continuous electrocardiogram monitoring.

– Cautery and Diathermy devices for surgical precision.

– Hydraulic Operation Tables for versatile patient positioning.

– Suction Apparatus for maintaining a clear surgical field.

– Gas Systems, including Liquid Oxygen, for anesthesia and patient support.

– High-Pressure Steam Sterilizer to ensure the sterility of equipment.

– Shadow less Lamps (Halogen) for optimal lighting conditions.

– In-House Stores stocked with essential surgical supplies, including Stents, Catheters, Sutures, and more.

– A team of well-trained Surgical Paramedics and Theater Assistants.

– Dedicated Anesthesia Assistants available for all cases.

– Round-the-clock operation to accommodate surgical needs at any time.

These extensive facilities and equipment in our operating theaters meet the high standards expected in a world-class healthcare setting, ensuring the utmost precision, safety, and care for our patients.