Embryology Excellence: Where Life Begins at Alps

Cultivating the Seeds of Life:

Embryology is the heart of our success story at Alps. Our world-class embryologists, armed with cutting-edge technology, nurture and cultivate embryos with unmatched precision. It’s this level of expertise that played a pivotal role in the groundbreaking achievement of helping a 63-year-old woman realize her dream of motherhood.

At Alps Hospitals & Diagnostics, our meticulously designed embryology laboratory boasts advanced equipment, ensuring optimal conditions for achieving successful pregnancies. We are equipped with top-notch incubators, precision micro-manipulation tools, high-resolution optical microscopes, and other essential apparatus. Our lab adheres to rigorously assessed standard operating protocols for all embryology procedures.

Our highly skilled embryologists are proficient in performing various procedures, including ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), cryopreservation, thawing, and assisted hatching, among others. The embryology team is adept at conducting advanced techniques like embryo biopsy and laser-assisted hatching. We also take pride in our outstanding cryopreservation program, which facilitates high embryo retrieval rates, allowing patients to preserve their embryos for future cryoembryo transfer cycles.


Precision and Possibilities: Preimplantation Diagnosis and Screening at Alps

Ensuring a Bright Beginning:

At Alps, we believe in providing the best start in life for every child. Our Preimplantation Diagnosis and Screening services are designed to ensure the health and well-being of your future family, setting new standards in reproductive healthcare.

Our Expertise:

– Genetic Pioneers: We lead the way in genetic testing and screening, ensuring that embryos used in IVF are free from genetic abnormalities.

– Empowering Choices: Our advanced screening methods allow prospective parents to make informed decisions about their family planning, reducing the risk of hereditary diseases.

– Precision and Care: Our dedicated team of specialists utilizes cutting-edge technology and techniques to guarantee the highest level of accuracy and safety.

Just as we’ve achieved groundbreaking milestones in fertility, our Preimplantation Diagnosis and Screening services exemplify our unwavering commitment to ensuring healthy beginnings for every family.