Nurturing Hope: Nursing Services

More than Just Care:

Behind every successful fertility treatment is a compassionate nursing team. At Alps, our nursing services go beyond administering treatments. They provide emotional support, educate patients, and ensure every step is taken with the utmost care.

The department observes the core values of integrity, diligence, empathy, excellence, and loyalty.

Our Department of Nursing Services is dedicated to delivering safe, effective, and high-quality healthcare services to individuals, families, and communities. The department has set forth the following objectives:

1. Demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility and unwavering commitment to patient care and the nursing profession.

2. Acknowledge and respect the individual differences in behavior that can influence each patient’s care.

3. Apply the nursing process and various nursing care models to identify and respond to the health needs of individuals and groups, assisting them in adapting to stress.

4. Foster a culture of research awareness among nurses and serve as a focal point for nurturing and upholding high professional standards in nursing.

5. Engage in nursing and interdisciplinary research to expand the knowledge base in nursing and enhance healthcare practices.

6. Embrace personal growth and professional development as a core value.

7. Collaborate effectively with other members of the healthcare team, sharing information and participating in interdisciplinary and intersectoral activities.

Our overarching goal is to provide the highest quality care in a professional and hospitable manner to all patients who come into contact with the hospital.

To achieve these objectives, we have established specific standards and targets, including:

– Providing effective nursing care tailored to patients’ needs by employing the nursing care process as the fundamental approach to care.

– Creating a conducive atmosphere that supports effective nursing care and fosters positive interpersonal relationships among patients, nurses, and other hospital personnel.

– Promoting, supporting, and collaborating with other disciplines in activities that align with the hospital’s overall policies and goals.

– Diligently observing and documenting patients’ behavior.

– Conducting thorough physical examinations and diagnostic tests.

– Gathering comprehensive patient health histories.

– Offering counseling to patients and their families.

– Educating patients about their treatment plans.

– Administering medications, providing wound care, and conducting various nursing procedures.

– Ensuring patients provide informed consent and bearing witness to this consent.

– Facilitating continuous nursing education for capacity building and professional growth.

By adhering to these standards and objectives, we aim to deliver exceptional nursing care that meets the diverse needs of our patients while upholding the highest professional standards in the field of nursing.


A Haven for Precious Beginnings: Our Special Care Baby Units

Where Hope Blossoms:

At Alps, we understand that the journey to parenthood can sometimes be challenging. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our state-of-the-art Special Care Baby Units (SCBU), dedicated to nurturing the tiniest of miracles. With the same dedication that led to the historic birth of a 63-year-old first-time mom, our SCBU provides specialized care for premature and high-risk newborns.

Our Expertise:

– Cutting-edge Neonatal Care: Our SCBU is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by a team of neonatal experts who excel in providing compassionate care for infants born prematurely or with special needs.

– Personalized Care Plans: Every baby is unique, and so is our approach. We tailor care plans to suit each baby’s specific needs, ensuring the best possible start in life.

– Family-Centered Care: We understand that a supportive environment is crucial. Our SCBU encourages family involvement and provides education and support to parents during this critical time.

With the same commitment to excellence that led to our historic achievement, we continue to redefine possibilities in newborn care through our Special Care Baby Units.

Our range of treatments encompasses a wide spectrum, extending from LED Phototherapy to sophisticated interventions for conditions such as respiratory failure, heart disease, and neurological injuries.

Within our Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit, we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with highly trained healthcare professionals to offer specialized care tailored to the unique needs of our tiniest patients. In some cases, babies are admitted to our Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit, not because they are severely ill, but because they require specialized nursing care, and we are fully equipped to provide such care.