The surgery department at Alps Hospitals and Diagnostics gives her patients excellent, devoted care services.

Our team of skilled surgeons and healthcare workers operates an evidence-based practice with cutting-edge technology and consistently goes above and beyond to beat benchmarks.

Every member of our team makes a significant contribution to achieving excellent patient outcomes.

Our theatres are fully prepared for advanced laparoscopic procedures, and the intensive care unit (ICU) offers intense care medicine and assistance following major surgeries. A fully operational radiology unit and a pathology lab that manages blood transfusions are other resources for the department. In addition to other services, we also offer tissue diagnosis.

We hope to keep being a top surgical healthcare provider both domestically and at the global level.

Our General Medical Services include

  • General adult/children clinic
  • Pharmacy (24 hours)
  • Laboratory: – different kinds of laboratory investigations such as Hormonal, Haematology, Serology, Microscopy, Sensitivity and Culture tests etc. are provided at our facility with specialized equipment.
  • Paternity testing
  • Non-invasive Prenatal Diagnosis such as Trisomy, Gender, Aneuploidy, Micro-Deletion and Single gene NIPT.
  • Contraceptive Services like (Hormone impregnated IUD/intrauterine systems (merina), Surgical contraception, Sterilization, Tubal sterilization, Vasectomy, Birth Control Implant: IUD with Progestin, Birth Control Pills, Vaginal Ring, Birth control skin patches