What can you expect from Alps hospitals and diagnostic services if you require surgical treatment for a gynaecological disease?

  • The use of diagnostic and therapeutic surgical interventions for the early discovery and diagnosis of a variety of gynaecological illnesses (both benign and malignant);
  • use of minimally invasive diagnostic procedures in all instances where possible, with the goal of achieving quicker healing, shorter hospital stays, and a quick return to a regular lifestyle;
  • Endoscopic surgical techniques are preferred over open abdominal access whenever possible.
  • the employment of cutting-edge technology in both endoscopic and “open” surgery;
  • A group of professionals with gynaecological specialization (conservative and surgical), with many years of expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological illnesses;
  • The human support of our team of people, who are always willing to talk and provide you with help and support in difficult moments.