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Minimal Invasive Surgery

Minimal Invasive Surgery
Minimally invasive surgery (MIS), often known as pinhole surgery or (micro-surgery), is utilized as an alternative to traditional open surgery at Alps Hospital and Diagnostics wherever possible.

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Gynaecological laser surgery

Pioneer of laser hysteroscopy in west-africa with over 300 successful hysteroscopy surgery

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Rejuvenation Therapy 

This is a regenerative treatment for ovaries, testes and endometrium. The procedure helps stimulate the growth of new eggs in the ovaries of women, new sperms in the testes and also nourishing and building the lining of the uterus thereby,  increasing a couple chances of achieving success in IVF using thier own gamates.

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Pediatrics & Neonatal Care

Alps Hospital and Diagnostics has a well-staffed and equipped pediatric Unit where quality care and services are given to all children who pass through our doors.

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Using world class Pathology and Laboratory equipment coupled with seasoned Laboratory scientists, we strife to provide indept Lab/Pathology investigations.

Antenatal Care

patients at Alps Hospitals and Diagnostics expect diligent and prompt antenatal and delivery services. This is what we provide 24/7/365


We provide pharmacy services from our well stocked list of medicines for our IPD and OPD as well well as walk in patients and clients.

Repeat drug delivery service (RDDS)

It is one of our unique services to the public. We can help take some of the waiting time pressure off with our repeat prescription home delivery service at Alps Pharmacy.

Did you Know?

1279 +

Babies Born from Alps fertility treatments!


Our Laboratory and Pathology Teams are on hand to make your tests and check ups seamless. Providing accurate investigative results each and every time.


Our brilliant doctors, nurses, lab technicians and general staff are what makes alps hospital a friendly environment.


Providing world class healthcare services to patients for over 6 years and counting .


In line with the culture of equality and accessibility for all our hospital are designed to cater for abled and disabled patients.

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